Cromarty Group

At the moment I am currently exhibiting with my fellow artists and friends in the Cromarty Group Exhibition at the Stables where my studio is located here in Cromarty.We are all artists from in and around Cromarty and get together for a week a year to exhibit out work.I am the 'newbie' amongst the group ,as I have only been a part of it for 4 years, but it has been going on since 1976 and I feel honoured to be a part of it.What an great turnout we had at the preview and a fun evening it was too! The Stables is such an amazing venue and really showed all the different styles of work beautifully.If you are in the area - it goes all week until Sunday the 17th, 4pm.Check out our Facebook page.Here are a couple of the artists you will see: the-hat                   Pink OilskinsThe Hat, Pamela Tait                                          Pink Oilskins, Simon Gunn