Iggy Pop and Me

I love Iggy Pop! I have been listening to him every week for many months here at the studio. He has a music programme on BBC 6. A true original, he plays wonderfully eclectic music from his personal collection as well as newer music he hears and likes. The programme is themed each week (ie. Animal Songs, Here Come the Germans). He is quirky and fun as he chats, in his American mid-western stoner drawl,about each tune he plays and other random things.I was always aware of him , you couldn't help it! I listened to him now and again (Lust for Life, I Wanna Be Your Dog) and I always admired the bold and fearless way he performed and I got the sense he never compromised himself.Uncompromising, original, slightly mad (in a good way) what more inspiration does an artist need each week!Click below and check him out!Iggy Pop